The Evolution of Wine Preservation

Preventing wine from turning into vinegar is an age-old obsession for winemakers. In the 16th century
 as European explorers traversed 
the world, wine was preserved for long shipping journeys by adding stronger alcoholic beverages, such as brandy—a process known as fortification. Bottles and corks didn’t come into use until the 18th century. Around that time, it was discovered that keeping wine separated from air could significantly improve flavor—especially that of red wines.

Fortunately things are much easier for modern wine aficionados. Today, dedicated wine refrigerators make it easier than ever to store your favorite varietals in ideal conditions, allowing you to enjoy each bottle 
as it should be.

As the first North American appliance manufacturer to develop
 a residential wine preservation refrigerator, U-Line understands 
that wine requires proper storage. U-Line Wine Captain® Models include a wide range of sizes with advanced temperature management systems that best accommodate your wine preservation requirements and personal taste—in wine, as well as décor. Explore all of U-Line’s 
Wine Captain® Models here.


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