Is a Wine Refrigerator Right for You?

Wine storage in a big-box refrigerator or wine rack is suitable for short term storage, but specific conditions are needed to keep wine in perfect condition for long term storage.
The traditional answer is, of course, an underground wine cellar, but very few people are lucky enough to have access to such a luxurious in-home amenity. As an affordable alternative, many wine enthusiasts with both large and small collections are opting to purchase one, or more wine refrigerators to suit their needs and store wine according to their preferences.

In 1985, U-Line was the first North American manufacturer to introduce residential wine storage appliances. Today U-Line offers the most innovative and broadest line of premium undercounter wine refrigerators available. Customized preservation methods such as single or double temperature zone technology are designed to meet the needs of casual wine drinkers and collectors alike.


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