The Benefits of Dedicated Wine Storage

Properly preserving wine has been a concern of wine enthusiasts for generations. Historically, this has been a challenge. Today, dedicated wine refrigerators make it easier than ever to store your favorite varietals in ideal conditions allowing you to enjoy each bottle
 of wine as it should be. Here are just a few of the advantages that come with storing wine in a dedicated wine refrigerator:
Optimum temperatures. Dedicated wine refrigerator doors are not opened as often as general-use refrigerators, allowing for wine to be stored at a more consistent temperature. This is generally a few degrees higher than a domestic refrigerator, which requires lower temperatures to stop foods from spoiling.
Separate storage zones. Some wine refrigerators have separate temperature zones in a single unit, which allows for both red and white wines to be kept at their proper storage temperatures.
Consistent temperatures. Dedicated wine refrigerator doors are not opened as often as general-use refrigerators, and so are able to store wine at a more consistent temperature.

Keep corks in good condition. Wine refrigerator racks are perfectly designed for storing wine bottles neatly and on their sides to keep the corks in good condition.
Stable storage. With a wine refrigerator, special attention is paid to keeping any vibrations to a minimum. Wine needs to be kept as stable as possible. Excessive vibration can agitate the wine and disturb any sediment it contains. Look for a wine refrigerator with a rubber mounted compressor to reduce vibration.
Protection from harmful light. Wine is sensitive to ultraviolet light. Many dedicated wine units use double pane glass to avoid this problem. Some higher end wine refrigerators utilize triple pane glass to further ensure proper preservation.
All of these advantages make it clear that a quality wine refrigerator for storage and wine enjoyment will be an investment that repays itself far into the future.


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